Vail Ski Tech is the destination for all your ski and snowboard repairs. Our repair technicians have over 60 years of combined experience! If it can be fixed, we can fix it. If you are looking for the finest base finish in the Vail Valley, we also have a brand new, state of the art tuning machine. With a new Crystal Inline by Montana, we can duplicate a factory finish, or choose from various structure options to meet diverse snow conditions.

Having boot problems? We fix that, too. Our knowledgeable and experienced boot fitters can take care of all your repair and customization needs.

Repair Rates:
Detune $8
Base Weld $10/inch
Hot Wax & Debur $20
Sharpen & Hot Wax $35
Light Tune $50
Full Tune $65
New Mount $50
Remount + Torque Test $85
Torque Test $40
Shop Rate $75/hr.
We Do Ski Repairs in Vail